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EA Energy Advisory LLC was presented with the following Testimonial letter from SAFEGE SAS (Suez Consulting)

EA Energy Advisory LLC was presented with the following Testimonial letter from SAFEGE SAS (Suez Consulting)/France expressing gratitude to the Energy Advisory team for their cooperation and the ability to meet the project in a very short time, for finding creative solutions to emerging problems, which has consistently exceeded all expectations. The competent and professional approach of EA's energy consultants, as well as the trust and reliability of the staff, is widely considered to be the key to the success of any project undertaken.

SAFEGE SAS (Suez Consulting) highly recommends Energy Advisory and looks forward to working with EA again on future projects.

The electronic version of SAFEGE SAS (Suez Consulting) for EA Energy Advisory LLC is available on the EA Energy Advisory LLC website in the section Company Certificates and Testimonial Letters

EA Energy Advisory LLC was presented with a Testimonial letter from the Energy Consulting Group Ltd (ECG)

EA Energy Advisory LLC was presented with a Testimonial letter from the Energy Consulting Group Ltd (ECG)/Switzerland and thanking Energy Advisory as having proven itself not only as a local subconsultant, but also as a reliable business partner who perfectly understands how to build a serious, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Energy Consulting Group Ltd (ECG) thank the company for the excellent manner of fulfilling its con­ tractual obligations and moreover, for the promptitude and professionalism the company showed in managing the costs related to all aspects involved in the project.

The Energy Consulting Group Ltd (ECG) sincerely and warm-heartedly recommend Energy Advisory company to all enter­ prises seeking a committed, trustworthy and professional consulting partner.

The electronic version of ECG Testimonial letter for EA Energy Advisory LLC is available on the EA Energy Advisory LLC website in the section Company Certificates and Testimonial Letters

EA Energy Advisory LLC was anew awarded the Certificate of Honor by the Energy Charter

EA Energy Advisory LLC was anew awarded the Certificate of Honor by the Energy Charter for its contribution to the development of the report on the assessment of investment risks in the energy sector until 2021 (No. EIRA2021).# EIRA2021 was developed under the chairmanship of Armenia at the Energy Charter Conference. This year's report is the culmination of a four-year process in which the EIRA team assessed the political, regulatory and legal risks for energy investments in the participating countries. In addition, the team tracked actions taken by governments over the past four years to mitigate these risks and implement the improvements suggested in previous releases of the report.

The electronic version of EIRA2021 is available at and on the EA Energy Advisory LLC website under Resources - Reports and Publications

EA Energy Advisory LLC was conducted the study for UNDP/GEF project

EA Energy Advisory LLC was conducted the study for development of the strategy for the  management of firewood collection and distribution from the forests. The strategy was developed under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia by UNDP and GEF financial support within the framework of the “Mainstreaming Sustainable Land and Forest Management in the Mountainous Landscapes of Northeastern Armenia” project.

This study aims to define an alternative strategy to address the management of firewood collection and distribution from the forest. For this purpose, the relevant policy, legal and regulatory framework was analyzed at first hand, than field investigations were performed to find the local people needs, options and use of alternative sources of energy, feasibility of alternative options of energy to fuelwood in terms of policy, supply and demand, technical, economic and social aspects. Finally, road map is developed with recommendations to deal with alternative energy needs of local communities, including options for improved management of fuel wood harvest and collection, alternative sources of energy and mechanisms for their implementation. The results of this study are intended for a wide range of professionals in the fields of forestry, agriculture, environment, engineering, economics and related fields, as well as students and researchers.

The electronic version of the report is posted on the Climate Change Information Center (CCIC) of Armenia website on the following link  and on the EA Energy Advisory LLC website in the section Resources - Reports and Publications

EA Energy Advisory LLC was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation from the Energy Charter Secretariat

The Energy Charter Secretariat awarded the Certificate of Appreciation to EA Energy Advisory LLC for its contribution to the development of the Energy Investment Risk Assessment 2020 report (#EIRA2020). The report which was welcomed by high-level representatives from governments, international financial institutions and the energy industry, focuses on policy implementation and summarizes the actions taken by governments to mitigate the EIRA risks and address the improvements suggested in the report's previous editions. It also includes statistics from the Orbis Crossborder Investment database on the investment trends in the participating countries over the last five years, the target industries that received the most attention, the number of projects and deals completed in this timeframe, and their monetary value.

The electronic version of the EIRA2020 edition is posted on the website and on the EA Energy Advisory LLC website in the section Resources - Reports and Publications

Energy Advisory Georgia became the first foreign branch of EA Energy Advisory

“Energy Advisory Georgia” – a Georgian branch of EA Energy Advisory company has successfully completed state registration procedure back in October 2018. It is the first step in implementation of company’s strategy on development of activities on international market.

Energy Advisory Georgia is keen to offer to all potential public and private Clients in Georgia a wide range of consulting and engineering services in the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Transport, rail, and road
  • Environment
  • Information technologies
  • Health and safety

During the project implementation phase, Energy Advisory Georgia intends to involve widely Georgian experts both on the long-term and short-term basis.

The main objective of company in Georgia is to ensure high-quality standards in consulting and engineering services provided in the infrastructure sector of Georgia.

Forum "Energy Week 2017"

The Republic of Armenia has received a SREP Grant from the Climate Investment Funds Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program in Low Income Countries (SREP) (administered by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)) toward the cost of the Preparation of Utility-Scale Solar Power Project. The Project is implemented by the Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund (R2E2 Fund).

The consulting services which include conducting solar resource assessment, site selection, preparing prefeasibility and feasibility studies, preparing ESIA, RPF and technical documentation for the project was awarded the Spanish ÅF Aries Energía (Leading firm) and EA Energy Advisory (Sub-contractor). Within this particular assignment the following activities were held by the Consultant:

  • site selection and main characteristics
  • available area for six PV plants (from 5-55 MWp)
  • topographical survey
  • geotechnical survey
  • connection to the grid
  • power plant and transmission line preliminary design
  • ESIA, EMP and RPF reports preparation

During the Energy Week which was held on January 25-27, 2017 in Yerevan the Consultant`s team introduced the outcomes of the Consulting Services. The Consultant`s team was presented by:

Manuel Ladrón de Cegama, Project Manager (ÅF Aries Energía)
Eduardo Tabares, Electrical Engineer (ÅF Aries Energía)
Catalina Mª Bauzá Llinás, International Business Development (ÅF Aries Energía)
Mikael Tevosyan, Environmental Expert (EA Energy Advisory)
Arsen Hayriyan, Legal/Resettlement Advisor (EA Energy Advisory)


SRP Managing Director’s visit to Armenia

30 September 2016 - Following the official commencement of the consulting services for design, technical and author supervision of the water supply and sewer systems of the Lori Water and Sewerage CJSC and Nor Akunq CJSC service areas, jointly provided by SRP Schneider+Partner Ingenieur-Consult GmbH, EA Energy Advisory LLC and CCG Company under the CIP II Phase 3, the visit of Mr. Werner Kuhnlein, SRP Managing Director was organized to Armenia to overview the setting off the project implementation.

The visit was held on 26-29 September 2016 and encompassed meetings with local partners and the Client - Mr.Patrick Lorin, General Director/Contract Manager of the beneficiary utilities. The last day of the visit was paid on site for consultations with the key staff of Lori WS CJSC and some site visits.

The participants discussed in details projected scope of work and possible adjustments aimed at improvement of the achievements from previous project phases and further renewal of the water supply infrastructure. The parties expressed their good will and readiness for mutual support and collaboration in order to reach the common project target – provision of continuous, 24h/7days water and demand-oriented supply of the Utility all customers with hygienically sound water.


Replacement of Lalvar-Noyemberyan 110 kV Transmission Lines

On 11th of August 2016 High Voltage Electric Networks (HVEN) CJSC has signed a contract with “GAM Arak Industrial” Company of Iran on “Replacement of Lalvar-Noyemberyan 110 kV Transmission Lines”, within the frameworks of “Electricity Supply Reliability” project, funded by World Bank. Within the scope of the Project Consultancy services will be provided by Tractebel Engineering (Belgium) in association with EA Energy Advisory LLC.

The new Lalvar/Noyemberyan transmission line will be double circuit of approximately 28 km from the HVEN Alaverdi No. 2 220/110/35 kV substation in the northern central part of the Republic of Armenia to Noyemberyan 110/35 kV substation at Haghtanak village in the north east of RA, new 110kV double circuit TEE branch from the new main Overhead Line (OHL) route into Akhtala railway substation and the relative connections, new reconfiguration of 110kV double circuit TEE branch connections at the new main OHL route for the existing TEE branch to the Matur mining substation.

The works on replacement of 110kV Lalvar-Noyemberyan transmission lines are foreseen to commence in October 2016 and complete in 2018.


Commencement of water sector project to be announced soon

09 September 2016 - EA Energy Advisory in cooperation with German SRP Schneider+Partner Ingenieur-Consult GmbH and Georgian CCG Companies will provide consulting services under the Communal Infrastructure Program II Phase 3 for Lot 2: Design, Technical and Author Supervision of the water supply and sewer systems of the Lori Water and Sewerage CJSC (Lot 2a) and Nor Akunq CJSC (Lot 2b) service areas, CIP II-P3-L-NA. The Consulting is now declared effective and, as notified by the Client on 26 August 2016, has entered into force. The official commencement date of the services is set for 15 September 2016

The Project is implemented under the Armenian-German Financial Cooperation Agreement and financed by KfW, EIB and EU-NIF. The Project concerns the rehabilitation, renewal and extension of the water supply network as well as some urgent measures in the sewer system of the regional Water Utilities Lori CJSC and Nor Akunq as well as in the waste water treatment plant in Armavir.

Furthermore, the Project includes investments for the surrounding villages. This is to contribute to the sustainable and ecological municipal development, the improvement of the environmental situation, to sustainable and ecologically sound management of the regional water resources as well as the reduction of negative impacts on the health situation of the population in the project region. Additionally, the project targets at establishing a hygienically sound sewage collection and environmentally compatible waste water treatment for Armavir (Nor Akunq CJSC).

The following Project activities shall be financed under Phase 3:

  • Construction and rehabilitation of the Water Supply and Sewer Systems including house connections in the project region;
  • Procurement of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) equipment;
  • Consultancy Services for design works, tendering and supervision;
  • Consultancy Services for technical and financial monitoring services (project accounts);
  • Construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (Nor Akunq CJSC) in Armavir.

Contribution to Feasibility Study and Transaction Advisory Services for Preparation of Utility-Scale Power Project

EA Energy Advisory continues to be a part of the solar energy sector today. An interesting opportunity appeared when a new project of Feasibility Study and Transaction Advisory Services for Preparation of Utility-Scale Power Project was recently launched in Armenia and Spanish famous Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas was awarded with the contract by R2E2 Fund.

Founded in 1985, Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas is an independent, global, and diversified engineering company that develops efficient, high value added solutions that integrate the best qualified team of professionals with the most advanced technology.  The company, with a presence in over 22 countries, applies a strategy directed towards specialized markets which allows for strong, stable, and profitable growth. 

With offices in Madrid (Spain), Miami (USA), and Shanghai (China), Aries offers engineering services that include feasibility studies, basic to detailed engineering, construction, start-up, and operation projects in the Energy, Test System, Instrumentation and Measurement, and Security and Defence/UAS sectors.

EA Energy Advisory, as a sub-consultant of Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas, and in close cooperation with Spanish colleagues will contribute among other tasks to producing the feasibility studies for the selected projects of solar power plants in Armenia, Preliminary Analysis of Environmental and Social Impacts, Bidding Documents and Assistance to Tendering.


Cooperation with GetinsaPayma announced

EA Energy Advisory and GetinsaPayma - a leading business group in Spain have agreed on cooperation in the infrastructure sector of Armenia. GetinsaPayma, with over 40 years of history, is an international benchmark in the engineering sector related to the transportation infrastructures and the environment. The projects and studies required to develop public works and linear infrastructures are achieved thanks to company’s human and material resources.

Getinsa Payma possesses expertize on the comprehensive management of infrastructure in all its phases, starting from the preliminary design up to the operation and maintenance, including all the intermediary steps as profitability analysis, studies, projects, works control and supervision, as well as financial management. Getinsa's international delegations have been established in different countries and company's experience extends over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Middle East and Africa. Getinsa is currently working on more than 30 international projects in 20 countries.

It has been agreed that EA Energy Advisory will facilitate and assist Getinsa Payma's business operations in the Republic of Armenia. The priority will be paid to the upcoming project of Yerevan Metro rehabilitation and new roads constructions.

The quality of the projects developed by Getinsa Payma's does nothing but increase. A token of this is the Awards of Merit 2015 granted to Getinsa-Payma and TYPSA Group at the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference, held in Dubai in September.


Dear friends,

In September 2015 EA Energy Advisory will be 10 years old. Over the past 10 years, our company has passed an interesting way of development from a small consulting group that unites like-minded people to one of the leaders in the market of consulting services in Armenia, including comprehensive consulting, engineering and information technology services in infrastructural projects in energy, water, transport and ecology spheres.

Our company has proved itself worth as a professional consultant and reliable partner in the implementation of a number of significant projects in the energy sector of Armenia, and our leading specialists are proud of their participation in the reform of the energy sector of Armenia, knowledge transfer and implementation of the most modern technologies. We always presume that the success of our customers is also our personal success and we always valued our reputation and the status of independent consultant.

Today EA Energy Advisory is the undisputed leader in the market for technical and engineering consulting in the energy sector of Armenia and we are proud of our sustainable partnership with leading international consulting and engineering companies such as Tractebel Engineering GDF Suez (Belgium), Fichtner GmbH & Co (Germany), Hifab Oy (Finland), MVV decon GmbH, Consulectra Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Germany) and several others. During its activity period the company has a valuable experience working with governmental agencies, major international financial institutions such as the World Bank, KFW, EBRD and others.

Over a period of 10 years, our company continues to develop dynamically, in the first place, thanks to a close-knit team that combines experienced managers and project coordinators, economists, highly qualified engineers in the field of civil construction, electricity, mechanics, geology, ecology, procurement experts and others. Working as one team, our experts every day solve not only the technical and economic, but also ecological, climatological, social and legal issues, bringing together the efforts and opposing multipurpose and difficult tasks fulfilling our high level of professional responsibility and using in-depth knowledge in order to achieve the planned result for each project.

The strategic goal of EA Energy Advisory is a further dynamic growth of the company with the aim of turning the company into one of the regional consulting leaders in the infrastructure sector.

Today, celebrating the 10th anniversary, we would like to express our gratitude to all our partners and colleagues for the jointly passed path, and we look ahead with optimism and continue to build long-term plans for the future.

With best wishes,

EA Energy Advisory Team


Cooperation with Effergy Energia

In December 2015 EA Energy Advisory has signed a cooperation agreement with Effergy Energia (Spain) – a well-known Renewable Energy Consultancy company, spin-off of University of Almería, created in 2009 and associated with most important RE research institutes in Europe. The first project where the companies have agreed to cooperate is the Solar Resource Mapping and Site Selection for Solar PV Power Plants, which has been recently awarded by R2E2 Fund to Effergy Energia.

The EA Energy Advisory will provide local assistance and support to Effergy Energia, including provision of short-term local experts for the producing the resource data and information required for selection of the most suitable sites for construction of utility-scale solar power plants in Armenia.

More specifically, the mentioned project outputs will: (i) provide a detailed assessment and geospatial planning framework for solar resources in the Armenia; (ii) support the identification of the most suitable locations for solar PV plants and inform the feasibility studies required for the PV plants to be developed under the SREP; (iii) increase the awareness and knowledge of the Government and other energy sector players on solar potential; and (iv) encourage new public and private sector investments in solar energy projects.

EA Energy Advisory realizes this opportunity as the first, but in the meanwhile, important step towards positioning of EA as the professional consulting and engineering company in the solar energy sector of Armenia. The cooperation with Effergy Energia will help considerably to achieve the goal that team of EA has set for itself.

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