Energy is not at the end in itself, but an important entry point for achieving the goal of the three pillars of sustainable development
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Energy is not at the end in itself, but an important entry point for achieving the goal of the three pillars of sustainable development: social co-responsibility, sustainable growth and environmental protection. In order to achieve sustainable development objectives and thereby benefit to social, economic and regional development of a country, conventional approaches to energy must be reoriented towards the promotion of energy systems based on renewable energy, energy efficiency and cleaner fuel technologies, which will automatically also result in contribution to environmental protection.

EA Energy Advisory offers comprehensive Consulting and Technical Services, Design and Engineering, environmental, and specifically new energy facility construction supervision services to support public and private sector clients with bringing energy projects to the market of the Republic of Armenia. We strongly support and enable environments for successful implementation of large-scale investment projects in the energy sector, including the projects based on PPP model of partnership. We assist our clients in relevant capacity building and transaction-specific support throughout the project life cycle.

Since 2005, when the Company was established, EA Energy Advisory has supported a numerous power projects, including alternative energy projects.

Our Capabilities:
  • Power Generation
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Hydropower
  • Solar
  • Wind
Our potential clients are:
  • Public and private Armenian companies
  • Foreign companies
  • International financial organisations
  • Entrepreneurial funds and banks
  • Investment funds
  • Professional corporations and associations

Power Generation

In Armenia domestically produced primary energy is electricity generated from hydropower plants, two thermal power plants and one nuclear power plant. Armenia’s energy strategy therefore consists of both securing fuel and energy resources supply from abroad, and further developing the domestic renewable energy resources.

Our company can provide environmental, design, and construction supervision services to support project development, construction, and operations on power projects in Armenia. Our team possesses deep knowledge of existing generating facilities and is able to provide strategic transactional and compliance support for additional facilities projects.

Transmission and Distribution

Despite of large scale rehabilitation and modernization activities implemented (or ongoing) in the energy sector of Armenia the technical state of high-voltage transmission overhead lines and some of the substations, unfortunately, remains non-sufficient. Thus modernization of power transmission and distribution systems represents one of the priority directions for upcoming investments in Armenia.

EA Energy Advisory is glad to offer relevant services of supporting the power transmission and distribution projects implemented in Armenia, namely the new construction and full/partial facility modernization projects. EA Energy Advisory provides environmental, engineering, and construction supervision services, all together or stand alone, for the development, construction, and operational phases of energy projects.

  • Economic, technical, and environmental evaluations
  • Planning, feasibility, and analytical studies
  • Field Investigation
  • Route planning and selection
  • Environmental studies and impact analysis
  • Licensing and permitting services and regulatory approvals
  • Support in conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design
  • Capital cost estimates
  • Support in elaboration of specification
  • Procurement support
  • Construction supervision
  • Support during commissioning
  • Training

Energy Efficiency

EA Energy Advisory provides energy efficiency services that optimize energy performance, enhance operational efficiency, conserve water, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and save funds.

Following the Government request, Armenia has been selected as one of the six reserve countries for the Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program in Low Income Countries (SREP). The objective of the SREP is to pilot and demonstrate the economic, social and environmental viability of low carbon development pathways in the energy sector by creating new economic opportunities and increasing energy access through the use of renewable energy.

  • REM and onsite energy management services
  • Energy audits
  • Building optimization and commissioning
  • GHG inventory, reporting, and verification
  • Energy efficiency program evaluation
  • Energy market analytics and market evaluation


Hydropower currently is the most developed part of renewable energy utilised in Armenia. Total installed capacity of the Hydro Power Plants (HPP) in Armenia is about 1000 MW. Installed HPPs are grouped in two main hydro cascades: Private owned Sevan-Hrazdan HPP and state owned Vorotan HPP Cascades. The economically justified hydropower potential is around 3.6 billion kWh. From this amount, 1.5 billion kWh (or about 42% of economically justified hydropower potential) has been developed already. The remaining hydro potential is to be developed during the next 15 years.

EA Energy Advisory provides preliminary studies, environmental, engineering, and construction supervision services, for the development, construction, and operational phases of hydro energy projects.


PV technology has the highest, yet, unrealized renewable energy potential in Armenia, with over 1 GW of estimated resource capacity. High investments costs that result in high tariffs and Armenia’s limited solar research and technical experience have hampered widespread deployment so far. However, utility-scale solar PV is now cost-competitive on a life-cycle basis with other power generation options available to Armenia, first of all because of recent technological advancements and solutions combined with continued cost declines worldwide. Armenia definitely could benefit from developing on a large basis the modern PV technology.

EA Energy Advisory provides the full spectrum of solar energy services - from feasibility through resource studies, permitting, transmission interconnection support, engineering, procurement, and construction.

  • Review existing policies, legal and regulatory framework, institutions and practices for renewable energy, including solar.
  • Assess the technical, financial and economic potential for development of solar energy
  • Technical audit of solar PV plants
  • Prepare solar energy sector development scenarios and forecast the future share of renewable energy within Armenia’s energy portfolio based on economic, financial, energy security and other factors
  • Develop short, medium and long-term targets for solar energy
  • Offer policy recommendations for achievement of the targets
  • Create a time-based action plan for achievement of the targets.


In December 2005 first in South Caucasus “Lori 1” wind farm was put in operation at Pushkin Pass in Armenia. Total installed capacity of the farm is 2.64 MW, comprise from the four 660 kW wind turbines. Wind farm was built by support of 3.1 mln US$ grant from the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At EA Energy Advisory, we are committed to contributing to the further development of wind energy in Armenia with an integrated range of services by our experienced experts. Choosing EA Energy Advisory ensures early consideration of constructability, local conditions, economic environment and smooth integration of future wind power plants into Armenian power generation system. Our experts help our clients achieve their development and operational objectives.

Oil and Gas

EA Energy Advisory provides comprehensive technical and consulting services for the transmission, storage and distribution of natural gas.

Our company offers to offer public and private customers environmental, design, and construction supervision services to support project development, construction, and operations on oil and gas projects in Armenia. Our team possesses deep knowledge of gas transportation system of Armenia and is able to provide strategic transactional and compliance support for additional facilities projects.

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